We will add enormous value to your marketing program to greatly improve the speed & price of sale.

As a Real Estate Agent, you manage the hopes and expectations of vendors everyday. This is a difficult and tiring job. The marketing programs that you develop to support the sale of each home is a crucial element in securing properties. We understand the sale process and the psychology behind the buying process. Our service is geared directly toward facilitating these, from the sign up of new vendors right through to the signing of sale contracts. By working with us from the very beginning we can help sell your properties faster and for more, removing a great deal of stress and worry.

Partner with Abode Styling Group

If you are interested in partnering with us to offer your clients a premium quality service that will ensure their home is sold faster and for more, please contact us today.

Why Home Styling

Home Styling adds the extra WOW factor that buyers look for by neutralising the home and offering a clean, uncluttered, stylish canvas that:

  • Buyers can visualise themselves living in the property
  • Provides inspiration for how to use difficult spaces
  • Is organised, neat and tidy
  • Is beautiful and aspirational

Marketing Campaigns

For many years now, Real Estate Agents have been working closely with property stylists to enhance their listings. By offering your clients additional services and marketing avenues, it will make your agency top of the list and your listings look better than competing agents, thus giving you more connections, and more connections = more vendors and more buyers.

Home Styling as part of the Marketing Mix

How do you think potential clients would react to the news that a home styling consultation forms part of the marketing mix when they list their home with your agency? Well we can tell you first hand that they react extremely favourably and it makes them feel like you’re doing everything you can to help them achieve the best outcome for their sale. Home Styling is an area that most vendors know little about. Plenty have great ideas but translating those ideas into reality is another story. We have found that partnering with Real Estate Agents at the very beginning is the best way to offer a complete, premium service that secures vendors and ultimately secures the sale!


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