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A professionally styled home is one of the most important marketing tools you can use when selling your home, and in todays era where majority of buyers find their home by searching online first, your home needs to stand out from every other listing. At Abode, we create neutral, beautiful spaces that allow potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your home. This is the key to a quick, successful sale. At Abode, we pride ourselves on delivering a professional service that gets results. A property styling consultation is complimentary, and will begin with a 15 – 30 minute home visit where we will assess the space to then work out the configuration of your home and the best furniture & accessories that will complement and enhance the natural beauty of your home. This will include everything from large furniture pieces right through to rugs, cushions and lamps. No detail is too small, in fact it’s the smaller details that make the most impact. Creating a fresh, neutral and uncluttered look will create wide appeal and ensure a broad audience is interested in viewing your home. This also makes the pool of potential buyers for larger for your real estate agent to market to.  Altogether, this means there will be more people through your home, a quicker sale and a better price. Our stylist will prepare a quote for you and once approved will organise and install every item styled to perfection. You won’t believe the transformation (and you may not even want to leave!)

What is Property Styling?

Also known as Property Staging (more commonly in the US), Property Styling is the preparation of a property for sale through interior and exterior design techniques. The preparations help attract the greatest number of potential buyers, thereby assisting with a fast selling time at the highest possible price.

What are the benefits of Property Styling?

In short, the benefits are faster sales at higher prices. Property Styling is all about neutralizing your property so that it appeals to the largest majority of potential buyers; the styling process should help each and every buyer picture themselves in your home.  The property needs to stand out against comparable properties on the market – that’s right from the way it looks on a real estate website during the marketing campaign through to how it feels when a buyer walks inside.
The larger the pool of potential buyers you attract, the more likely you are to sell your home for a higher price in a shorter space of time. Investing a small amount in Property Styling up front will see an exponential return at the other end. 
Property Styling can also help you with the ‘moving on’ process. It can be very emotionally challenging for some people to leave their home, especially if they have lived there a long time. However, the process of packing away all your personal belongings and styling your home helps you view it as a product for sale and it kickstarts the disconnection process. It’s a healthy and gradual way to start moving on to the next phase

What does it involve?

Think of Property Styling as the opposite of Interior Decorating. 
An Interior Decorating service aims to personalize your living space in whatever style and taste you may have, making it enjoyable and comfortable for you to live in. By contrast, Property Styling aims to take out the personalization of a property, strip it back to the necessary furniture and accessories and ‘neutralize’ the place. The aim of course is to let the home itself shine by reducing clutter and letting potential buyers visualize their own belongings within the walls. Property Stylists want to reduce the amount of reasons a potential buyer would say ‘no’ to a property. The home will certainly still have personality, but it will be calm, harmonious and balanced. 
Many of our clients have a great sense of style, but simply don’t have the time or know-how to really make their home shine for sale and there is a big difference between having a flair for design, and being a professional stylist. Where possible we will work with your existing furniture and soft furnishings to save time and money. We will also bring in our own pieces to complement the look and show off rooms to their best advantage.  If you prefer however, we can completely remove your furniture and decorate your entire home with ours. We will ask you to pack away photos, most books, nick-nacks, papers, files, toys etc  – de-cluttering is the essence.  If there are some DIY jobs that require attention – squeaky doors, sticky locks, peeling paint, leaky taps – then these need to be seen to as well. Gardens should be tidied and the property should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. If these tasks are daunting, don’t panic, we can help! We have tradespeople and services contractors we work closely with and trust that can do all of this for you, so you don’t have to do a thing!

What if I like my home as it is?

“Why should I update things and make it pretty when we’re not going to be here?”
“Why should I spend money on the home when we’re leaving?”
“Can’t people just see through the clutter and like the house for what it is?”

We’ve heard these objections (and many more) and we always come back to the same answer. Of course you can leave it as it is and put it on the market. However, if you are looking for the highest price possible with a fast turnaround (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then the facts are that property styling creates more interest, and more interest equals more potential buyers and more people bidding for your home.
We talk with real estate agents every day and they tell us what a huge difference property styling makes. They say that when a home is styled for sale it definitely moves faster and they typically get a much greater price, often one they aren’t expecting.  They get fewer objections about styled properties and often see much more competition at auctions and multiple offers for private sales. Selling your largest asset is a big deal and you need to give it every chance to shine.  Just as you would clean and detail your car for sale, you should detail your home.

What will I have to do?

Simply contact us, and we will take over from there. We attend your property to quote, and once you’ve hired us, we organise everything from there We will ask you to pack away your personals, ensure the property is clean and tidy, and we will do the rest.

What will I do with all my belongings?

We have storage services at preferred rates where you can securely store all your belongings. Think of it as getting the move underway. We can take care of this for you as well, as we know sometimes moving can be daunting and emotional.

How long does property styling take?

Initial Consultation to quote and discuss your needs can take as little as 15 minutes of your time, and to install the furniture takes a minimum of 3 hours. All of the other magic happens behind the scenes, as we know your time is precious.

What will I expect from an interiors consultation?

In difference to property styling, this consultation requires an hour of your time initially where we will go through the home with you and work out what you require and give you some tips and recommendations on trades to look into, and ideas for the space. We then write up a report for you about the scope of work and our initial recommendations for your project. Once that part is over, and you engage in our services we can assist with anything and everything from simply shopping for furniture, and passing on our designer discounts, to arranging trades and project managing a full scale renovation. The possibilities are endless!


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