Home Styling will enhance & showcase your projects to prospective buyers.

As a Builder or Property Developer, you need to present your latest project to prospective buyers in the best way possible. In such a competitive market, great construction alone is often not enough. Buyers want to see a home, not just a well built house. They want to see where the television would fit, if a couch looks good in that corner and how much space is left once the bed goes in. These are all the things that we can provide when we work with you to style your finished properties. We can work from plans to determine furniture layout, colours and everything required to make your project truly shine or come in once the project is near completion. We can also assist you with the design of your project as you may need assistance on tile, and tap selections or whether or not to include additional features like inbuilt bench seating, or designer lighting. We can help you, right from the start.

Home Styling adds the extra WOW factor that buyers look for by offering a clean, uncluttered, stylish canvas that:

Buyers can visualise themselves living in;

Provides inspiration for how to use difficult spaces;

Is organised, neat and tidy;

Is beautiful and aspirational.

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If you are interested in partnering with us to enhance and showcase your properties, please contact us today.


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